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madamepsy asked: So you're an anarchocapitalist rather than the more commonly thought of collectivist social anarchist schools (anarchocommunism/anarchosyndicalism, essentially libertarian socialism and old utopian socialist theories)? (nobody cares about anarchoprimitivism or whatever)


If you want to label my anarchism I’m somewhere between capitalist and mutual aid society anarchism. 

I think human nature is adaptive in its very nature.  Society has a far better chance of survival if we are work together. 

Ultimately I believe we all own ourselves.  You proclaimed your self ownership when you decided to ask me a question and you proclaimed that you accepted my self ownership when you directed it at me. 

All societies are built on property rights.  People just differ on who gets to control those property rights. 

I believe the individual is the ultimate owner of their body and thus they control their property. 


Hudson Christie


Nicolas Kennedy Sitton (USA)  Twisted series, 2011     Photography

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Euan MacLeod - Figure Lying in Seascape (2006)

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James Ensor (Belgian, 1860-1949) - 'Les bains à Ostende', 1890

Hugo Barros aka Mesineto

Illustration- in progress

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